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Urban transport

Moving from one location to another within Rome is easy because of the various types of transportation in the city. Travelers can choose between public and private transport depending on their transportation needs. Here are some of the options you have for transportation within the Italian capital.



Exploring Rome on the tram is ideal for visitors that want to enjoy move short distances while enjoying the feeling of riding them. Unfortunately, the six trams in the city do not get to the city center with a few lines having exit points at the popular neighborhood of Trastevere. Additionally, the price of a ticket is 1.50 euros that last approximately one hundred minutes.



Taking a bus is one of the best ways to the city for those traveling alone or with friends. Rome has over three hundred bus lines that move within the city and to its outskirts. Information about the routes are available at most bus stops making it easier to know the arrival and departure of the public vehicles. Bus tickets are available at most convenience stores, news-stands and metro stations.



Traveling by train is ideal for tourists intending to live outside Rome but plan to visit the city center on a regular basis. The trains use urban railway lines to connect to various parts of the city from 5: 30 in the morning to 10: 30 in the evening. Rome Lido is quite popular with tourists because it has an exit at famous sites. Train ticket costs are similar to those of the Metro because they are under the same management.



Taxis are a favorite of tourists that prefer privacy when traveling within the city. It is advisable to have the contacts of taxi companies and their rates in advance to avoid being duped — the majority of the taxis that operate within the city charge 3 euros on weekdays, 5 euros on public holidays and 6 euros at night. Nevertheless, the rates may go higher depending on some factors such as luggage and frequent stops along the way.

best transportation in rome transportation in rome italy, rome transportation
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